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We offer a range of services all designed to make tax and accounts as straightforward as possible at one low-cost, fixed fee.

Whether it's a tax health check, sole trader accounts, a self-employed tax and accountancy service or completion of self-assessment forms, we will undertake a no obligation quotation, which will encompass no hidden extras, including ad hoc queries throughout the process.

Our tax return service may be of help to you if you are one of the one million people fined annually for filing your self-assessment tax return late.

Because we deal direct and use the latest financial software we can save you time and money compared to the traditional high street accountancy service.

Services include:

  • complete your annual accounts and tax return
  • discuss your draft accounts by telephone
  • calculate your tax position
  • look for ways to reduce the tax you pay
  • submit your accounts to H M Revenue & Customs
  • deal with all correspondence and answer your taxation queries
  • provide year round access to our experts

One in four self-assessment returns are filed incorrectly, let us undertake the process for you at a low-cost, fixed fee.

Services include:

  • deal with all your tax affairs no matter how complicated
  • include employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses
  • plus capital gains, investment, rental & overseas income
  • complete your tax return and all necessary schedules
  • calculate your tax position
  • send you a full copy and explanatory notes
  • file your return online to H M Revenue & Customs
  • deal with the Revenue on your behalf
  • be available for all your tax queries and questions

If you are an individual looking for peace of mind with your taxes and accounts, we can help you get all your books in order. We find most individuals just want to remove the hassle of their tax and accounts to allow them to get on with the work of running their business.

If you are unsure what you need, don’t worry. Our Individual Accountancy Service will walk you through what your obligations are, and also what will help your business run more smoothly.

Using the latest accountancy software, and because we deal directly with you, we can also save you money compared to larger, high street firms. What’s more, there are no additional or hidden costs from our low, fixed rate fee for further questions or enquiries you may have throughout the year.

If you are looking for a general Tax Health Check, are a Sole Trader, Self-Employed or require Self-Assessment Forms, we will take the hassle and worry out of your Tax and Accountancy needs. We will work with you to assess your situation, collect the information that we need, and then deal with all the areas of your Taxation and Accountancy required.

This complete service for Individuals allows you to pass on your Tax and Accountancy to us and not have to worry about getting it all ready for the Tax man in time to avoid fines, safe in the knowledge that all the paperwork will be completed well in advance and to the required regulations.

Our range of services includes:

  • Complete Your Annual Accounts and Tax Return
  • Discuss Your Draft Accounts by Telephone
  • Calculate Your Tax Position
  • Look for Ways to Reduce the Tax You Pay
  • Submit Your Accounts to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Deal With all Correspondence and Answer Your Taxation Queries
  • Provide Year Round Access to Our Experts
  • Deal With All Your Tax Affairs No Matter How Complicated
  • Include Employment Income, Pensions, Benefits and Expenses
  • Plus Capital Gains, Investment, Rental &amo; Overseas Income
  • Complete Your Tax Return and All Necessary Schedules
  • Calculate Your Tax Position
  • Send You a Full Copy and Explanatory Notes
  • File Your Return Online to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Deal With the Revenue on Your Behalf
  • Be available for all your tax queries and questions